CBW Precision Hinges: Up to 20,000 lb Capacity

For use on manual or electric swing doors.
Applications: Lead filled radiation doors, vault doors, heavy architectural gates/doors and door applications where the hinges are subjected to severe loads from blast pressure, seismic events, or high velocity winds.

The barrel and leaf sections of the hinge are joined with welds of X-ray quality. All components are precision machined, featuring anti-friction needle roller bearings supporting the thrust and radial loads. A non-removable alloy steel hinge pin is hardened, precision ground and Armoloy® coated for corrosion protection. Oil seals are provided to protect the hinge internals in more severe environments. The results: a maintenance free, reliable hinge that will allow doors weighing several thousand pounds to be operated by the touch of a finger.

The Series CBW offers (+/- 1/8") adjustment in the thrust (up/down) direction. This feature allows doors to be adjusted within their frames after installation. Since the thrust load can be distributed with the adjusting screw, located at the top of the hinge, optimization of load-life on bearings is also possible. We recommend the load be removed from the hinges prior to adjustment.

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