Brush Seals & Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping / brush seals are used to effectively close the gaps between a sliding door and the opening it is covering. When seals and weatherstripping are used, they can cause additional friction making the door harder to move depending on the type of seal and how tight of a seal is required.

Types of weatherstripping:

  • #216 Seals are made from cloth reinforced neoprene for industrial heavy duty applications. This type of seal is great for wet/snow environments. Rub strips can be installed where these seals interact with the face of the door to prevent wear/rub marks on the door face.
  • Brush Sweep Seals are commonly used in most applications and offer the largest degree of flexibility when it comes to mounting options. The brush is highly flexible and conforms well to surface irregularities. They can be used to seal the gap between:
    • Top of Door and Bottom of Header / Top of Opening.
    • Jamb / Edge of Opening to Face of Door.
    • Bottom of Door and Top of Threshold or Floor surface.
    • Between two doors that Meet in the Middle of an opening, bi-parting applications.
    • Between two doors that Slide Past one another in a bypassing or telescoping application.

Sliding Barn Door Seal Applications:

  • Airflow Control
  • Data Center Brush Seals
  • Dust Control
  • Light Control
  • Sound Control
  • Pest Barriers
  • Closing gaps between uneven surfaces

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