Custom Doors

Crown Industrial has been manufacturing custom wood, steel & wood, and steel doors since the 1960s.  These doors are engineered and manufactured to suite the specifics of each customer's application.  


  • • Custom super-wood zoo and barn doors.
  • • Steel framed doors with glass panels that slide on curved track.
  • • Bi-parting slide-fold steel plate doors notched for monorail applications.
  • • Swing doors for openings up to 18'-0" x 35'-0".
  • • High-rise window washing garage swinging steel plate doors.
  • • Stained glass church doors with special electric operator controls.

946 Super Wood Door


948 Wood Steel Door

970 Steel Plate Door

970 Steel Plate Door

970 Steel Plate Door

  • 972 Plate Door-One Side
  • 973 Plate Door-Both Sides
  • 974 Plate Door-Center Panel
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