Why Flat Track Sliding Door Hardware

Flat Track is a top hung system, where the track is mounted above the opening. Door panels are outfitted with a pair of hangers that are assembled to specifically suite your door thickness. Only one pair of hangers is recommended per door. These hangers roll quietly on top of the flat track. The track is custom cut to length to suite each opening/application with mounting holes spaced equally or per the customer's designation. The track is offset from the wall/solid blocking using custom length wall spacers and fastened into place by either lag screws or another type of appropriate fastener. The weight of the door is supported only by the flat track system. A bottom guide/roller is used to stabilize the bottom of the door.

Standard Door Weight Capacity:

  • Standard Duty: up to 400 lb capacity per door.
  • Heavy Duty: up to 800 lb capacity per door.


  • Custom approval shop drawings are provided for each opening by our engineering staff to ensure you get the right product.
  • Flat track hangers are assembled per the customer's door thickness. Based on the door thickness the hanger wheel is put in-line with the approximate center of gravity of the door allowing the door to run smoothly and true.
  • Track is custom cut to length.
  • Track mounting hole locations are custom placed equally along your track length or to your specification.
  • Custom length wall spacers: Each wall spacer is cut to length required by your application.
  • Installation assistance by Crown's Engineering/Sales Staff.
  • Customized Finishes, Flat Track Hanger Designs, and Door Weight Capacities are available upon request.
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