Inclined Sliding

Right Angle Door in Open Position

#CR278 Inclined Sliding Gable Door Hardware (Max Door Weight 500lbs) set includes the following:

  • Hangers (rollers) which use an apron assembly to attach to the door in the same manner as a standard sliding barn door.
  • #5 track is mounted parallel with the roof line.
  • #5x1 sidewall mount track brackets are used to attach the track to the side of the building. Track will need to be welded to brackets.
  • Counterweight system (pulleys, cables, weight boxes, & weights). The door is counterbalanced by a weight system that is attached by a steel cable which passes over a cable pulley located above each door. Actual weights and weight boxes can be provided by crown, otherwise we recommend using concrete weights made to suite on the job. Concrete weights 137 lbs / ft^3.
  • Round steel bottom guide with center and end brackets. The guide holds the bottom of the door against the building when closed and functions as a guide and stop when the door is in the full open position.

Please email us at or call us 650-952-5150 so we can build a quote for your system. When contacting us please provide have the following information:

  1. Number of Openings:
  2. Opening Width:
  3. Number of Doors per opening (1 or 2):
  4. Door Width:
  5. Door Thickness:
  6. Approximate Door Weight:

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