Right Angle Sliding Door Hardware

Right Angle Door in Open Position
Door in Open Position

Right Angle Door in Partial Open Position
Door in Partial Open Position

Right Angle Door in Partial Closed Position
Door in Closed Position

Lead edge of door slides along track running parallel to opening, while trailing edge of door slides in a different perpendicular track.

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Box Track

Box track is a top hung system, where the track is mounted over an opening. Door panels are outfitted with truck with top plate assemblies that ride in the enclosed track. The track is attached to the building by brackets. These brackets give the track stability and strength and prevent the enclosed track from opening up over time. The weight of the door is supported only by the track system.

Cleaner Operation: The enclosed box track hardware is typically categorized as your standard barn door hardware. This style of an enclosed track offers a cleaner operation by shielding the track and trolleys from dust and dirt.

Track is available in stock lengths.

Adjustability: The trucks (rollers) that attach to the door and ride in the track, offers limited up/down adjustability for the door, making installation easier.

Door Weight Capacity: The enclosed box track design offers increased rigidity to the track allowing this type of sliding door hardware to accommodate heavier doors. Maximum door weight capacity is 600lbs per door.

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