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Type of Door Application

Single Sliding

A single sliding doors covering an opening.


Two sliding doors on the same plane covering a single opening. When closed the doors meet in the middle of the opening. When opened they side away from each other in opposite directions.


Two or more sliding doors. Each door is on it's own track and interacts with each other. If one door is pulled out, all subsequent doors come with with until the opening is closed.

Vertical Lift

A single panel is lifted vertically to open.

Slide-fold or Bi-fold

Known also as folding sliding doors, a system that is made up of (2) two through (6) six door panel sections that are hinged together and are carried by an overhead track system. As the door slides open, the panels fold up and stack.


A swinging door or gate.


Class A:
Constant Contact

Class B:
Three Button Controls with Momentary Contact

Class C:
Single Momentary Contact with Timer Switch

This control class requires constant button pressure to keep the door or gate in motion in either direction. If button pressure is released during the cycle, the door or gate will stop. The gate or door is restarted in either direction, only when button pressure is applied again.

This control class requires momentary button pressure to start opening or closing the door or gate. Three button controls include open, close and stop commands. Pressing the stop button during the cycle will immediately halt the door or gate. Momentarily pushing the open or close buttons will restart the motion door or gate in the corresponding direction.

This control class requires a single momentary open button to open the door or gate. Once open the door or gate will stop for a preset time and then close. Controls activated during the closing cycle will instantly reverse the door or gate and move it back to the full open position where it will reset the timer. Controls activated during the opening cycle or while the door or gate is in the full open position, will simply reset the timer.

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