1275 and 1276 Industrial Sliding Overhead Mount Gate Operators

#1275 designates #1265 operator with cover for a single sliding application, while #1275 is a #1266 operator with cover for a bi-parting door application.

The operator was designed for use on top of the gate opening, offering gate security. They are ruggedly built and capable of producing years of trouble-free service in high traffic areas in either indoor or outdoor installation. The operator includes a driving chain, take-up bracket and drive unit all mounted to the overhead superstructure.

In the event of a power failure, the operator is equipped with an emergency release located on the gate chain bracket. The motor and limit switch are pre-wired into junction box mounted on the base plate.

The sliding gates are operated by a continuous horizontal loop of roller chain mounted to the superstructure above the gate opening, and driven by the sprocket connected to the driving unit.

For bi-parting gates, the method of operation is similar. One gate is operated by the bottom roller chain and the other gate is driven by the top chain.

Manual operation of the gates is permitted by a disconnecting device attached to the gate. The driving unit consists of an instantly reversible motor with build-in speed reducer, built-in magnetic brake, safety friction disc clutch, limit switch, and reversing starter with overload and under-load protection, all mounted on a heavy steel based protected by a weather resistant cover.


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