Frame Mount "F"

  • Doors Clear Opening: Full surface strap hinge with an offset pintle that allows the door to swing clear of the doorway when opened to 90 degrees.
  • Steel Frame Pintle Plate Mount: The narrow pintle plate is designed to be mounted to the opening's steel frame
  • • Use hinge back plates when bolting through non-reinforced doors.

1) Type of Bearing

Ball Bearing Image
 Ball Bearing: Manual or power operation with an expected usage in excess of 20 cycles per day.
Disc Bearing Image
 Disc Bearing: Manual operation only with an expected usage of a maximum of 20 cycles per day.

2) Door Dimensions

  • a. Wdith of the door in feet (ft):    {Example: 3'-4" = 3.34 ft}
  • b. Height of the door in feet (ft):
  • c. Weight of the door in pounds (lbs.):

3) Calculate the "moment" value of the hinge set for your application

(Width of Door in feet) X (Weight of Door in pounds) = Calculated "moment" value.

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