4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Full Mortise Butt Hinge

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Commercial Grade Full Mortise Butt Hinge

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Technical Data

Technical Data

For hinging two doors together for medium duty bi-folding door applications. Can also be used for standard swing doors.

Fasteners Included: (8 ea.) #12" x 1" Flat Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screws, (For Wood Doors) and (8 ea.) #12-24 x 1/2" Undercut Flat Head Phillips Type-F Screws, (For Metal Doors).

200 lb Thrust Capacity

Number of Hinges per Door Guidelines:
Based on the height of the door the following are general guidelines for selecting the proper number of hinges.

Door Height (Feet)
# of Hinges
Up to 7'-6"
7'-6" to 10'-0"

For additional technical data see 45BH Hinge General Information.pdf

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