Ball Bearing Four Wheel Truck, 1/2" Pend.-unfinished

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Technical Data

Technical Data

Only a single pair of trucks are to be used per door, regardless of the size of the door. Attaching more than two trucks on a single door can create a fulcrum or "teeter totter" effect causing uneven wear to the hangers and track.

A truck is a wheel assembly with an adjustable bolt called a pendant bolt.

The pendant bolt of the truck assembly can be directly attached to the top of a metal door without the use of a top plate, provided sufficient reinforcing has been installed in the top of the metal door to support it's weight.

When used with a top plate, a truck can be attached to the top of a wood or other types of doors. Trucks that use an apron assembly to attach to a door are called hangers or trolleys. The apron component of a hanger assembly comprises of two metal plates that wrap around the top of the door. Bolts are secured perpendicular through the door and into these plates.

For metal doors with sufficient reinforcing in the top of the door to support the door's weight.

Ball Bearings: heavier capacity systems with intense use. Ball bearing hangers cause less friction and extend the life of the system.

Fasteners Included: Pendant Bolt with Jam Nut and Hex Nut

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