Automatic Chain Lubricator - Self Contained Reservoir -LL

Item: 2035.02724

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Technical Data

Technical Data

The 2035.02724 Lubricator for Chain has a self-contained 2-gallon reservoir, controlled by a small “Programmable Relay” inside the electrical panel. Control can be set for specific “ON” (Lubricating) and “OFF” (Non-Lubricating) revolutions of the conveyor chain. The lubricator has five strategically located adjustable nozzles to dispense lubricant in the vertical and lateral wheel bearings along with the vertical link pin and roller. The air inlet pipe size is 1/4″ N.P.T. and a minimum of 60 PSI is required for the lubricator to function with up to 30 weight lubricants. Electrical power 110-130V AC 50/60 Hz, 1 amp service is required for operation.

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