1510 Industrial Heavy Duty Electric Operator for a Swinging Gate

1510 Heavy Duty Operator without Cover

1510XHD Extra Heavy Duty Operator without Cover





Number 1510 - Featuring the Harmonic Action Principle The #1510 Aut-o-doR electric gate operator was designed to accept the heavy demands put upon a swing gate operator for either an indoor or outdoor installation. This operator is extremely versatile and is easy and simple to install...it can also be mounted in several ways to meet existing conditions. Normally, it is mounted to an upright channel. (Channels are optional items available in embedded or pad mounted types.) In the event of a power failure the operator is equipped with an emergency release. The 1510 features an extremely smooth operation which is achieved by the harmonic action principle.

A No. 1510 electric operator opens and closes the gate with a simple crank arm and connecting arm movement eliminating the complicated system of levers found in many other gate operating mechanisms. Due to the harmonic action principle of the arms the movement of the gate is started in a gradual manner, the speed becoming quite rapid in the middle of the cycle of operation and then slowing down to a gradual stop. No jerk or slam of gate, means long life for gate and operator. The crank arm is attached directly to the safety clutch of the power unit which adds to its protective function.

A reversing starter with overload and underload protection is provided with each operator.

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