Loop Detector-Sliding Gate Contr. Enter Free Exit (1295P300)

Item: 1295.00300

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Technical Data

Technical Data

Loop Detector System for a Sliding Gate with Controlled Entrance and Free Exit

Controlled Entrance

  1. Vehicle approaches entrance gate and driver inserts a coded card into the card reader (or punches the code into a keypad). This transmits an impulse to the Loop Detector timer actuating the Electric Operator to open the gate.
  2. Vehicle proceeds through the gate opening passing over underground Safety Loop #1 and #2. After a pre-determined period, the time sends another impulse to the Electric Operator to close the gate. In the event the vehicle has not yet cleared the gate area (Safety Loop #1 and #2), the Loop Detector will re-cycle the timer, preventing the gate from closing until the area is cleared.

Free Exit

  1. The exiting vehicle approaches teh Exit Gate, the Loop Detector timer is actuated by Safety Loop #2, opening the Gate. The exiting vehicle passes over Safety Loop #1 which acts as a safety, preventing the gate from closing. After the vehicle has cleared the gate area, the timer will send an impulse to close the gate.

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