Electric Operator for Sliding Gates (40 Foot Max Opening Width)

EA (1)



Includes Weather Hood

Technical Data

Technical Data

For sliding gates up to 40 feet long.

The #1295 chain driven electric gate operator consists of an instantly reversible gearmotor, solenoid brake, a safety friction disc clutch, an emergency release which can be locked open or closed, a reversing starter with overload protection and a fully automatic limit switch. All items are mounted on a heavy steel base and are protected by a weather resistance cover with padlock attachment.

Electric Operator Accessories:
These items are sold separately and are components that are specific to the operator. These items include:operator mount options and drive chain.

Control Packages& Safety Device Packages:
The operator comes with basic open, close, & stop functionality. The operator must have (2 ea) additional safety device packages. Special control and safety packages are available upon request.

Hardware Accessories:
Hardware used to connect the drive chain to the gate.

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