FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is shipping included?

A: Shipping is typically not included on the quotation. All material is F.O.B. South San Francisco unless specified otherwise. The shipping costs are determined by the shipping company at which point it is added to the order. We do not add any handling charges to your order. If you would like us to include shipping please let us know the zip code the material is shipping to and we will be more than happy to include an estimate by any carrier you prefer.

Q: Do you ship to my location?

A: We ship all over the world.

Q: What happens if my material is damaged during shipment?

A: We package all of our materials to the best of our ability to prevent damage during shipment. If you receive damaged material please report it to us immediately and be sure to sign with the freight company that that material was damaged. Pictures of damaged boxes and materials are also useful when filing shipping claims. Be sure to keep all damaged materials including packaging until notified by the shipping company or by Crown Industrial.

Q: Do you sell direct to consumers?

A: We do sell direct. We work directly with each of our customers to ensure they are getting the correct product.

Q: Where are you located and do you have any distributors?

A: We are located in South San Francisco, California. We don't have any distributors, we ship material directly to you.

Q: Is Crown Industrial associated with Richards Wilcox?

A: Yes we are one of their most biggest and knowledgable distributors.

Q: Do you provide CAD and 3D model drawings of your products?

A: We have several engineers who are certified users of Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor programs. We can provide drawings upon request in various formats. We work with engineers, architects and contractors to ensure their designs are complete and accurate. Click Here to submit a request for drawings files or to contact our engineering department regarding your application. Please describe the part you need and the version and file type you require.

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