Job Name: Risdel Private Residence
Job Number: E0869081
Location: Carmel, CA
General Contractor: DPR Construction
Year Completed: 2004

Round the corner slideaside door system furnished and installed by crown.  Opening size 37'-0" X 13'-0".

Doors:  (10 ea) galvanized tubular steel frame with Mahogany wood skined door panels x 4" thick w/ 2 pass thru door panels

Hardware:  #25 overhead sliding track system, powder coat black. Special #304 Stainless Steel floor guide track and guide rollers, 2B Mill finish. (3 per panel) CBI8500 Full Mortise Precision Hinges.

Operator:  #1265DC /405 1HP Electric Operator w/ manual disconnect & manual hand crank for emergency operation.

Doors is the partial open position as viewed from the interior of the building.

Doors in closed position.

Doors in the partial open position sliding round the corner.

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