Job Name: Leavitt: Private Residence
Job Number: 2244
Location: Glen Ellen, CA
Architect: Robert A.M. Stern Architects
General Contractor: Jim Murphy & Associates
Year Completed: 2012

(2 sets) of single sliding, electrically operated garage doors. Opening size 9' x 8'. Doors are sliding on #25 box track and are driven by a 405 1/2 HP electric operator with a manual clutch disconnect. The operator is located on the interior of the building. Doors, Hardware and Operator installed by crown industrial.

Exterior Elevation View: Project Under Construction, Single sliding wood doors in closed position.

Zoomed in view of doors in full closed position.

Interior Elevation: Doors in full closed position, operator for one opening located to far right.

Interior Elevation: Interior mounted 405 Operator.



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