Job Name: Google 1201 Charleston Road
Job Number: 2304
Location: Mountain View, CA
Architect: EDG Designs
General Contractor: Mission Bell Architectural Millwork
Year Completed: 2014

Electrically operated counter weighted swing-up pivot door. Door frame size 11' x 8' at approximately 1300 lbs. To counteract the weight of the door and to relieve stress on the operator, the door is counterbalanced by large stacks of weights which are concealed in the wall. The door is driven by a #1265DC 1HP electric operator with a manual clutch and break. Custom pivot hardware, door frame, and operator are manufactured and installed by crown industrial.

Exterior Elevation View: Project Under Construction, finished door. The door is beginning the pivot up motion.

Exterior Elevation View: Project Under Construction, door frame uncladded. Door in neutral closed position

Project Under Construction: 1265DC electric operator and counterweight system concealed in wall.

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