Job Name: Goldman: Private Residence
Job Number: 2039
Location: Palo Alto, CA
General Contractor: Tincher Construction
Year Completed: 2002

(2 sets) of telescoping sliding, electrically operated doors. Opening size 17' x 8'. Doors are sliding on concealed #25 box track and are driven by a 405 1/2 HP electric operator with a electric clutch disconnect. One operator is located above the opening in the ceiling, the other operator is located in the basement of the building. Doors, Hardware and Operator installed by crown industrial. Doors manufactured by others.

Exterior Elevation View: Doors in full closed position.

Exterior Elevation View: Doors in full open position, concealed in walls.

Elevation View of one opening.

Interior Elevation: Doors approaching the full closed position.

Interior Elevation: concealed pocked the doors slide into.

Interior Elevation: stepped header.

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