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Type of Door Application

Single Sliding

A single sliding doors covering an opening.


Two sliding doors on the same plane covering a single opening. When closed the doors meet in the middle of the opening. When opened they side away from each other in opposite directions.


A double sliding door. A pair of sliding doors which can pass each other, each on its own track.


Two or more sliding doors. Each door is on it's own track and interacts with each other. If one door is pulled out, all subsequent doors come with with until the opening is closed.


Two doors sliding on a single track, where one door has to slide past the stoping location of the other door.

Vertical Lift

A door is lifted straight up. Each door is counterbalanced by weights.

Around Corner

Using a sliding track system above, a series of doors hinged together slide around a corner to stack along the side wall of an opening.

Inclined Sliding Gable Doors

Track mounted parallel with roof. Each door is counterbalanced by weights.

Turn Over

Bottom of door slides up vertically while the top of the door slides out horizontally. The door is counterbalanced by weights.

Right Angle

Lead edge of door slides along track running parallel to opening, while trailing edge of door slides in a different perpendicular track.

Method of Mounting Track

Sidewall Mounted Hardware

The hardware system will be mounted to the wall.

Overhead Mounted Hardware

The hardware system will be mounted to the ceiling or supportive beam above the opening.

Door to Roller Attachment


A truck is a wheel assembly with an adjustable bolt called a pendant bolt. The pendant bolt of the truck assembly can be directly attached to the top of a metal door without the use of a top plate, provided sufficient reinforcing has been installed in the top of the metal door.

Top Plate

A truck with a top plate can be used to attach to the top of wood or other types of doors. Top plates can be mortised into or attached directly to the top of a door.

Hanger/Apron Assembly

Trucks that use an apron assembly to attach to a door are called hangers or trolleys. The apron component of a hanger assembly comprises of two metal plates that wrap around the top of the door. Bolts are secured perpendicularly through the door and into these plates.

Hardware Finish


Anodized Aluminum

Powdercoat Pebble Tan

Powdercoat Black


304 Stainless Steel
with 2B Mill Finish

304 Stainless Steel
with #4 Brushed Finish

Hot Dipped Galvanized


Choose any of the following accessories to be included on your quote request:

Bow Handles:

A style of handle that projects off the face of a door and is easy to grasp. Can be used with flush pull style handles.

Click here to see available bow handles

Flush Pull Handles:

A style of handle that is mortised into the face of the door.

Click here to see available flush pull handles

Latches, Locks, Cane Bolts, Spring Bolts or Cremone Bolts:

A way to secure active and non-active swinging doors.

Click here to see available Swing Door LATCHES
Click here to see available CANE BOLTS
Click here to see available SPRING BOLTS
Click here to see available CREMONE BOLTS

Bottom Door Guide Systems:

A way to track the bottom of the door during operation as well as in the closed and open positions.

Click here to see available Bottom Door Guiding Systems

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